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Bacon Hearts

Bacon hearts

Bacon hearts

These days, nothing says I love you like bacon it seems. And what better way to say it than styling those little strips of scumptiousness into hearts as you’re frying them up in the pan – or in my case, crisping them up in the microwave.

Being rather health conscious (and figure-conscious!),  I generally prefer to use turkey or chicken bacon, but no biggie because this will work just as well with those leaner choices (when done in the microwave turkey bacon gets super-crispy. Yum!).

I love this idea and plan to surprise my husband (if he reads my blog, which he’s inclined to do on occasion, it’ll be less of a surprise, but he usually sticks to news and technology blogs so hopefully he won’t spot this…) with heart shaped bacon for breakfast on the next special occasion, which would be our anniversary. But its also a great idea for birthdays, Valentines day, or any time you just want to say “I love you”. Oh yeah, throw Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in there too.

Come to think of it, what a great way to break the ice and make up the morning after a squabble 🙂

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Easter Breakfast – Sunny Side Up Bunny Eggs

Easter Bunny Sunny Side up eggs

Here’s an adorable new take on the “Easter egg”.  I call him the Sunny Bunny 🙂  Imagine the happy smiles at breakfast Easter morning when you serve up sunny side eggs, styled with a whole lot of TLC, to look just like the Easter Bunny himself.

And this idea isn’t just to please the kiddos. I can see my husband cracking quite the grin when I spritely plunk this little fella in front of him on Easter morning.

A couple of pieces of bacon for bunny ears, six carefully cut strips of cheddar cheese for bunny whiskers, and a couple of brown M&Ms or similar candy for his little eyes…. so cuuuute!

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