DIY Glittered Mason Jar Candle Holders

GLittered mason jar candle holders for Christmas

GLittered mason jar candle holders for Christmas

Mason Jars Go Glam!

These glittered mason jar candle holders would look totally terrific on the Christmas table, on the mantle, or outside the front door with battery operated votive candles inside. Or on the front steps to greet guests as they arrive, or…..

You get the idea, they’re awesome.  So many things you can do with these babies. And they are so easy to D-I-Y.

Here’s How:

Just use spray adhesive or brush craft glue on to the portion of the jar you want to glitter. Then simply dust with glitter in the color of your choice. Personally, I think either gold or silver is classiest, but its up to you.

Here’s a variation on the same idea, using a smaller jar, for a votive or tea light candle holder.  You could do a combination for your  holiday season table. Go with mason jars for the centerpiece, and then use the tea light candle jars at every place setting. Let your guests take them home as favors if you like. Either way, your table setting will  *S*P*A*R*K*L*E*.

Awesome idea for New Year’s Eve entertaining too.

And of course, there’s nothing to say that these glamorous little candle holders need to be reserved only for the holiday season. They’ll be awesome any time of year, when the mood calls for a bit of casual-glam.

Photo Credits: Mason Jar | Tea Light Holder

DIY Glitter jar tea light candle holder

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