Fancy Dipped Cherries, DIY

fancy white chocolate dipped cherries

fancy white chocolate dipped cherries

Here’s an elegant idea for any type of party or celebration. Its super-easy to do but it packs a powerful visual and sensory punch. Picture these dipped cherries on your dining table, buffet table, dessert table, or on h’or deurves trays at your next celebration.  They just look so dang fancy (and they look super-expensive, but when you do this yourself, it just ain’t so!).

You can do this for any occasion, any time of year, but I think they’d be particularly pretty on for your holiday season parties, or Christmas dinner table.  They would also be perfect for a bridal shower or wedding reception. Or an anniversary party…

Here’s How:

The cherries are dipped in white chocolate. Use white chocolate melts, which are specifically intended for melting and give the best results – available where candy making and cake decorating supplies are sold.  Just melt down the chocolate in a double boiler, hold the cherry by the stem, and give it a dip. Sit the bottoms of the cherries carefully on a sheet of waxed paper to harden. Then press those little silver cake decorating pearls (that you can buy at any grocery store) into the chocolate on the cherry once it starts to harden just a bit.

I’ve seen cherries totally dipped in chocolate before (white or dark chocolate), but I think leaving the top half of the cherry exposed is so much more striking, visually speaking. Especially when you are using white chocolate, the color contrast is just so gorgeous!

As always, have fun!


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