Dress Up Your Entry: Wire Frame Christmas Trees in Urns

Wire Frame Christmas Trees in Urns

Wire Frame Christmas Trees in Urns

I wanted to do something different this holiday season for the urns at my front entry.  I normally do small pine tress in tall Roman-style urns on either side of the front door and light them up with clear twinkle lights.  Very classic, elegant.

But this year I thought I’d change things up a bit by switching out the urns for some more contemporary square pots that really glisten and shine with a dark brown glaze.

Trouble is that when hubby parks his HUGE Ram truck in near the front door in curved driveway, the new glazed contemporary urns sit so low that he blocks the view of my Christmas display from the street. That won’t do.

So I’ve had to look for other options and found an idea I love.

Lighted wire frame holiday season trees in pots

These wire frame trees are decorated with strings of clear mini lights which have white frosted globe light-covers interspersed among the lights. Keep in mind that the light covers are not placed on all lights, only every several lights apart, for a randomized effect. By combining the globe covers, with the uncovered mini lights, you create a sense of dimension that adds terrific visual interest.

If you can’t similar min-light covers in stores, you can make your own frosted shades similar to the ones in the photo.

Here’s How:

Spray clear glass or plastic (a better idea since this is outdoors) Christmas balls with a white frost paint, available at craft stores,  and then dust with white glitter or even epsom salts.

Afix them in place on top of the lights.  I’d suggest pulling the little hanger-doo-hickey  off the Christmas ball, and then slide it on top of the mini-light. A little dab of hot glue should do, but of course, you’ll never get the globe off again – when the lights burn out you’ll have to toss the whole string. But isn’t that what most of us do anyway?  Its really not worth the trouble of replacing bulbs when its so much easier, quicker (and sometimes more cost effective) to buy a whole new string of lights.  Wasteful, I know. I plead guilty, but I know I’m not the only one!

Anyway, just keep in mind that to get the look in the photo, you don’t need a shade over every light – its a more random, scattered effect.

The urns pictured are designed by landscape designer Deborah Silver of Deborah Silver and Co Inc in Detroit.  What a fabulous look for the holidays!

I can really envision how well this would work  for my front entry since it is very similar in appearance to that of the house pictured, right down to the brick, the style of lanterns on the pillars, and the rounded front steps.  Neat-o.  I’m really excited to give this look a try.


lighted holiday season trees in pots
Photo Credits Deborah Silver of Deborah Silver and Co Inc in Detroit.


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