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Easter Eggs With Messages

Easter eggs with messages written on them

Love this idea for Easter.  I found these Easter eggs on Etsy, (the listing is no longer active) and it inspired me with an idea to incorporate into my Easter decor this year. Get yourself some plastic Easter eggs and write on them yourself. Then display them on a place or in a bowl on a bed of burlap string as shown (or Easter grass).  A truly lovely way to decorate your home for Easter while putting the focus on some wonderful messages.

Gold-leafed Eggs for Easter

Gold leafed easter eggs

Gold leafed easter eggs

Do you have the goose that laid the golden egg…?

Your guests think you do this Easter, with a quick little DIY Easter decor project.  Just take a carton of eggs, get some gold leaf paint and an artist’s brush, and apply the paint to the eggs in any manner you like. You an cover the whole egg in gold, or take a more stylized approach as shown in the photo, by just covering potions of the eggs in swirly splotches.  So pretty, and the nice thing is that the eggs are still perfectly useable after the celebration (as long as they haven’t been un-refrigerated for too long!). What a great table decor item for an Easter brunch or breakfast!

Photo Credit: Sugar and Charm

Easter Breakfast – Sunny Side Up Bunny Eggs

Easter Bunny Sunny Side up eggs

Here’s an adorable new take on the “Easter egg”.  I call him the Sunny Bunny 🙂  Imagine the happy smiles at breakfast Easter morning when you serve up sunny side eggs, styled with a whole lot of TLC, to look just like the Easter Bunny himself.

And this idea isn’t just to please the kiddos. I can see my husband cracking quite the grin when I spritely plunk this little fella in front of him on Easter morning.

A couple of pieces of bacon for bunny ears, six carefully cut strips of cheddar cheese for bunny whiskers, and a couple of brown M&Ms or similar candy for his little eyes…. so cuuuute!

Doing this!