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How to Become a Party Planner

How to become a party planner

A career as a party planner?

Do you enjoy planning parties, bridal showers, or other celebrations? Do friends and relatives ask for your help in planning their parties, too? If you said yes to either or both of those questions, you fit the profile to become a party planner. (Photo Credit).

If you are creative and organized, detail orientated and have a great personality, you could be a party planner for fun and profit. Being a party planner is quite similar to being an event planner. The difference is that as a party planner you will specialize exclusively in planning parties; unlike an event planner you won’t also be planning festivals, grand openings, corporate events, galas, weddings, or business conferences. When you become a party planner, you are part of the event planning industry, but you focus on a specific niche (parties), rather than handling all kinds of different events. Another more niched sub-set of the event planning industry are wedding planners, who focus exclusively on planning weddings. If your true passion is parties, as opposed to events of all kinds (including corporate events like meetings and conventions), then you’d be best suited to becoming a party planner, not an event planner.

Why People Hire Party Planners

In this busy world we live in, there are many people who love to host a good party but just don’t have the time for handling all the details of the planning and preparations. Generally, these are people who have more money than time – career people, busy working couples – or even housewives in upwardly mobile families.  So they hire a party planner to take care of all the details that go into throwing their parties and special celebrations. That way they can focus on just having fun, and leave the “work” of planning a party to someone else.

See If You Have What it Takes for a Career as a Party Planner –  Check Out These Six Must-Have Personality Traits:

If you’re thinking you might enjoy a career as a party planner, first determine whether you have what it takes to be successful and actually do this as a business. It’s one thing to plan parties on a personal basis, and quite another to do it professionally.

See if you have the six personality traits you need if you want to become a party planner and earn income planning parties for other people (don’t worry, if you don’t have them – any of them can be developed if you put some effort into those areas of self-improvement).

1. Party Planners Are Organized

Party planners need to be well organized

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You have to be very well organized to be able to plan other people’s parties. Your clients will depend on you to be efficient and dependable, and to have it together. To be a party planner, you need to be able to stay on top what needs to be done, and when. You’ll need to maintain lists and timelines, plan schedules and menus, keep track of RSVPs, guest lists, vendors, and necessary supplies, etc. Remember that your clients are putting their trust in you and they depend on you. It may be just a party, but if they are paying you to perform a service, you’ll be expected to approach it seriously and professionally. A simple mix up could potentially create a real problem.


2. Party Planners are Detail Oriented

Becoming a Party Planner - Detail OrientedPhoto Credit

To be a party planner you also need to have a good eye for detail, and you need to be able to manage a lot of details at a time. When you are organizing a party, there are endless details to tend to. From planning the menu to choosing decorations, when it comes to a party people will remember, the difference is definitely in the details. If you love details, you’re a good match. But if details tend to frustrate or overwhelm you, party planning may not be as much fun as it sounds for you.


3. Resourceful

Become a Party Planner - Be resourceful
A party planner needs to know who the best suppliers and vendors are, where to get all the perfect finishing touches, and how to transform a clients vision for their party into reality. If you don’t know, you do need to be willing to figure it all out.  As a party planner, if you don’t have the answers, you need to have the ability to figure out how to find them. When you become a party planner you may sometimes have to handle matters which are unanticipated. You need to be prepared for surprises, expect the unexpected, and be able to take the initiative at all times. As a party planner, you can’t do everything on your own (flower arranging, catering, cake baking and decorating, etc.) so you’ll serve somewhat as a project manager or coordinator, and like very good project manager, you’ll need to tap into the expertise of others to get the job done.

4. Creative

Party planners need to be creative
Would you say you are an “idea person”? In order to plan the type of parties that will impress clients (and their guests) and help you establish a name for yourself, you need to be creative and you should have a good imagination. You should have the ability to dream and visualize. You need to be able to come up with creative, interesting, or unique party themes, decorations, menu ideas, and so on.

5. Savvy

Party planners need savvy
To be a party planner, you have to be savvy. You need to be responsible and confident enough to make decisions. You need to be able to think on your feet. You have to see to it that you provide what clients want. For instance, if a client is on a tight budget, rather than insisting they’ll need to spend more money, you’ll need to be savvy enough to suggest options that are more affordable.

6. People-Oriented

Party planners need people skills
Your interpersonal skills and image as a party planner is very important. If you’re going to be a party planner, you have to be approachable and have a pleasant personality that attracts people to you, rather than conducting yourself in a way that can put people off. To successfully become a party planner, you’ll need to project yourself as friendly and outgoing, upbeat and open-minded. You should know how to make your clients feel welcome and cared for.

How Did You Measure Up? Are You Party Planner Material?

How to become a party planner

It can be a lot of fun and very rewarding to be a professional party planner on either a part time or full time basis. If you love a good party, and believe you have the personality suited to become a party planner, go for it! Turn your passion for parties into a profitable business. Its never to late to start doing something you truly love.

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