Baby Shower Cupcakes: Yummy Bundles of Joy!

Baby shower cupcakes - its a boy!

Baby shower cupcake ideas - Bundles of Joy

Yummy little bundles of joy! I came across some super-cute cupcake ideas for a baby shower.  Melt-my-heat adorable! But you’ve got to know how to work with fondant to make these. Or just take the pictures to a cake decorator and let her create these little masterpieces for your little celebration. :)

Adorable little babies are tucked in their beds, snug as little bugs under their blankies with only their sweet heads peeping out from under the covers. Sorry I can’t credit the designer or source, I found these in an image search and the link to the original site was no longer valid.

Baby shower cupcakes - its a boy!
How about these little peek-a-boo babies on top of yummy chocolate cupcakes? Perfect way to say “its a boy”!  But you could easily do the blankie and soother in pink for a baby girl, and it would be just as adorable.
[Photo Credit: CakesAndCupcakesMumbai]



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